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Posted by Editor on Sun 30 June 2019

Originally presented by Lorraine Kelly, she was replaced in March 1993 by Fern Britton and Amanda Reddington who presented until the show was cancelled in 1994.

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 1993-01-04

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Morning dress is the formal dress code for day attire, consisting chiefly of, for men, a morning coat, waistcoat, and formal trousers, and an appropriate gown for women. Men may also wear a popular variant where all parts (morning coat, waistcoat and trousers) are the same colour and material, often grey and usually called “morning suit” or “morning grey” to distinguish it; considered properly appropriate only to weddings and horse races. The semi-formal counterpart of this code is the stroller. Morning dress is now rarely worn as anything other than formal wear, as a form of civic dress, e.g., by provincial mayors (as an alternative to court dress), but more generally only for weddings, some official civic, governmental or royal functions, 'social season' events, e.g., races such as Royal Ascot (where it is obligatory in the Royal Enclosure) and at Epsom in the Queen's Stand on Derby Day, formal lunches (especially those in the City of London institutions, notably of the livery companies and guilds) and as uniform at some of Britain's most traditional schools such as Harrow and Eton. It may also seen sometimes worn at services in St Paul's Cathedral, London and St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh.

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